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3D PDF Exporter For Autodesk® Fusion 360™
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3D PDF Exporter For Fusion 360 Features

Other Features

  • Supports Face Level colors
  • Exports BRep bodies, Components, and Assemblies
  • Simplified license activation process
  • Support VisRep bodies to export.

How It Works

General Usage Instructions:

  1. Download and install the plugin
  2. Run Fusion 360 application
  3. Open the ‘TOOLS’ tab and find the ‘3DPDF EXPORTER ’ section.

Click on the ‘About Us’ button that contains licensing information. License Activation can be done from this panel

Why is ProTotech's '3DPDF Exporter for Fusion 360' plugin better than others available in the market?

3D PDF Technology is the most commonly accepted standard in collaborative Business processes. This brings the ease of distribution, Engineering collaboration, and format consistency of sharing CAD designs from different CAD packages.

Demo Video

What our Customer's Say

Solutec Lackiertechnik GmbH (Germany)

“We routinely need to share 3D models with our customers, and ProtoTech’s   3D PDF Converter for Fusion is the best tool we’ve found so far! Most of our customers don’t have any access to 3D software; in this case, a 3D PDF is the best way to show them the designs we created!”

Roland Valentin Hannak, Solutec Lackiertechnik GmbH (Germany)


“I have been learning Autodesk Fusion 360 to support my desire to 3D print – and wanted a way to share CAD files with others – I found ProtoTech Solutions 3D PDF Exporter to work fantastically, and also their 3D PDF viewer for my Android works great.  However, even better than how well the products work, their customer service was fantastic, as they responded to multiple questions I had daily !!  I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone.”

David Preston, Retired Boeing Engineer,  Boeing


“A 3D PDF is what you need to easily share 3D models with clients that don’t have access to 3D software. This software offers you an easy solution to export 3D PDF’s from Fusion 360!”

Michael Williams, Mélange

Precision Swiss


“ProtoTech – First off, your support was outstanding with my problem. The information and steps helped straighten out my issue. Thank you for developing such an awesome plugin – 3D PDF Exporter for Fusion 360!!”

 Rich Chatelain, Retired CEO,  Precision Swiss Products (USA)

DEFLEX, Germany

deflex 1 min

“Easy to use the application to generate high-quality 3D PDF. Good service and communication to Publisher. Thank you for the support.”

Michael Ries, DEFLEX (Germany)

Luc Brandt, Owens Corning (Corning Glass Works ), Belgium.

220px Owens Corning logo.svg

“I installed the 3D pdf plugin for Fusion 360 for trial and got immediately good results. I really like the ease of installation, the seamless integration and the parametric export options of this easy to use Plug-in! Furthermore, while trying to activate the license, I got a little issue linked to our internal corporate firewall settings. The extremely quick support from the ProtoTech Solutions customer team via their online chat system helped me to find resolution with clear and very effective guidance (literally within seconds !!!) … Thank you a lot and …keep up the good quality work!”

Luc Brandt, Owens Corning (Corning Glass Works), Belgium.

Anthony Hyde, New Mexico State University, U.S.A

NMSU logo

“Thanks for your assistance- I appreciate it. Everything is working good and now I can show the cad-work I’ve I been doing to other people.
You guys have been great to work with and helped me with all the issues that I came across. Thanks.”


“I used 3D PDF Exporter software and I am glad to say that it does its job extremely well. I liked the software. I didn’t find any drawbacks. Thank you for providing such good software.”

-Akshay Raut , IIT

For any queries, drop us e-mail at support@prototechsolutions.com

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