ProtoTech’s Product Updates – 2016

February 14, 2017



ProtoTech’s Product Updates – 2016

Time goes by fast. The year 2016 has given way to 2017. 2016 was a busy year for us. We released new products and added a lot of exciting features to our existing products. Here are some of the highlights from it.

New product released:

3D Export SDK:
It supports the export to following file formats-

  • 3D PDF Export (.pdf)
  • WebGL Export (.html)
  • OBJ Export (.obj)

Benefits of using the 3D Export SDK are –

  • Proven Technology: Powering more than a dozen existing products at ProtoTech.
  • Fully tested and used by hundreds of engineers.
  • Very easy to use C# API. No need to include C++ redistributables when you use our SDK.
  • Support to the latest platforms.
  • Very strong technical support.

3D CAD Plugins released on new platforms:

New platforms supported for 3D PDF Exporter are

3D PDF for Onshape (V 1.1):

  • Added support for password protecting to the 3D PDF documents.
  • Length unit from user’s Onshape settings is written into the 3D PDF file.

3D PDF for Fusion 360(V 1.2):

  • Added option to flip and/or swap the axes of output.

   New Platforms supported for WebGL Exporter are:

  New Platforms supported for OBJ Exporter are:

Enhancements are done in plugins on various platforms:

 We have following 3D PDF Exporters –
3D PDF Exporter for AutoCAD(V 2.3), 3D PDF Exporter for AutoCAD Civil3D(V 2.3), 3D PDF Exporter for Inventor (V 2.3), 3D PDF Exporter for 3DS Max (V 2.1), 3D PDF Exporter for Maya (V 1.4), 3D PDF Exporter for NavisWorks (V 2.4), 3D PDF Exporter for Revit (V 2.4) and 3D PDF Exporter for Solidworks(V 1.3)

          Major features added to the some of the above 3D PDF exporters are:

  • Update to the latest versions of platforms.
  • The user can add external files as attachments in exported 3D PDF.
  • Added support of Weld entity, attachment of STEP and additional files.
  • Export metadata, surface, and Mirror Object.
  • Added ability to export Revit Link model.

We have following WebGL Exporters 
WebGL Exporter for AutoCAD(V 2.3), WebGL Exporter for Inventor (V 2.4), WebGL Exporter for Max (V 2.4), WebGL Exporter for Maya (V 2.1), WebGL Exporter for NavisWorks (V 2.4), WebGL Exporter for Revit (V 2.4) and WebGL Exporter for Solidworks(V 2.3)

          Major features added to the some of the above WebGL exporters are:

  • Update to the latest versions of platforms
  • Supports HTML templates. WebGL models will get automatically embedded in the selected template.
  • Improved texture support, Export surfaces, and mirror objects.
  • Implemented new model query method to allow exporting large models.
  • The model tree can be now optionally exported to WebGL. It will appear in a tree view form on an overlaid window.
  • Major VR capability added for Revit.

We have following OBJ Exporters 
OBJ Exporter for AutoCAD(V 1.6), obj exporter for Inventor (V 2.3), OBJ Exporter for 3DS Max (V 2.2), OBJ Exporter for NavisWorks (V 2.5), OBJ Exporter for Revit (V 2.4) and OBJ Exporter for Solidworks(V 1.6)

          Major features added to the some of the above OBJ exporters are:

  • Added texture support.
  • Export Surfaces, Export Mirror objects
  • Added ability to export Revit Link model

Upcoming releases in the year 2017 –


Author: Shilpa Bhartiya
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