BMM (Blast Movement Monitor) Explorer : A 3D Viewer for BMT

BMM (Blast Movement Monitor) Explorer : A 3D Viewer for BMT

About BMT

BMT is a world leader in remote sensing technology that increases ore yield and better utilizes the world’s precious natural resources.
Domain : CAD/Mining
Location: Australia
Technologies: Eyeshot,C#.Net Windows
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Business Development Manager : Shilpa Bhartiya


BMM (Blast Movement Monitor) Explorer : A 3D Viewer for BMT

BMT wanted a .NET based 3D control for visualization of the movement of ore blocks before and after blasting.

Application output using library provided to BMT for BMM Explorer


  • The main challenges and solutions were-
  1. Wanted ability to add custom entities
    Solution: ProtoTech incorporated extensibility in the architecture.
  2. Entity coordinates were far out and exceeded OpenGL limits (6 million)
    Solution: ProtoTech coordinated with Eyeshot support and implemented the solution.
  3. Needed background rendering so that user is free to interact with the application
    Solution: ProtoTech’s team implemented multi-threading for background processing
  4. Required ease of selection of entities for the user
    Solution: ProtoTech implemented selection filter based on entity type.
  5. BMT needed to bring this to market very quickly and had no expertise with Eyeshot
    Solution: ProtoTech’s advance level skills and experience in developing on Eyeshot helped BMT quickly release the product.

Testimonial from BMT (Blast Movement Technologies):
ProtoTech was instrumental in delivering the 3D module of one of our key products. We especially appreciate the level of expertise of the developers, their understanding of the design requirements and the communication skills that they have displayed. BMT is very happy with the results. says Kausik Dasgupta, R&D Manager, BMT

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