Sharing the Joy Of Learning by Rajesh Bhartiya, the CEO, ProtoTech Solutions

September 15, 2015



Sharing the Joy Of Learning by Rajesh Bhartiya, the CEO, ProtoTech Solutions

Right from the very moment we conceived the idea of starting our own Company till today as we see it blossom and flourish, the joy has been no different from watching a child being born, then see it crawl, stand and walk on its own two feet. It’s been a decade since we embarked upon this glorious journey.

Like joy, learnings too have been immense and multitude. Here is an attempt to share just a partial list of those.

  1. Listen often, listen full. Speak seldom, speak minimum: Every deal, transaction we recall – there is one lesson that we keep getting reminded of. Whenever we listen carefully and completely, it ends up well. Every time we spoke too soon or too much, we made mistakes. Applies not just to face to face meeting, but to calls and emails.
  1. Grow, don’t forget to have fun doing it: In the race to be another unicorn, lot of companies have burned themselves out. We often stood at the crossroad where we could choose growth over our passion. I am glad that we stuck with our passion. Monday mornings are as exciting as Friday evenings for us.
  1. Changes are inevitable and indispensable: Change is the only thing that is constant in the world. Every change gave us goosebumps. Initially we were either excited or afraid by a change. In hindsight, the changes were like turns on the road – a must to reach destination safely. We have thoroughly enjoyed the journey as much as the destination. This is very crucial for success.
  1. There is a real person behind every customer, every employee: Customers, employees are not simply labels. They are real people with real feelings, emotions and understanding behind each of these is important. Decisions are easier and better when you go past these labels and connect with those real people.
  1. Doing the right thing at times is hard, but fixing a wrong deed is way harder: We met situations where doing the wrong thing was so convenient and unnoticeable, that it seemed like the right thing to do. But we stayed on course and now are happy that we did so. This is what we call Integrity; congruence in our Thoughts, Speech and Actions.
  1. Great things happen if we set out without preconceived notions: When we overcome the preconceived notions and prejudices, we achieve and overcome great challenges. The one who can enable such a possibility in others is a true leader.
  1. Value, Innovation and Vision: The team has to have value, innovation and vision. Our values help us do the right thing, Innovation fuels our passion and Vision gives us the direction where we are heading. Growth is the cumulative effect of all three of them.
  1. Ownership is the essence of leadership: When every team member is in-charge of the product, there is no room to blame others and no reason to take credit when things go right. A true leader stands up against any misfiring. He should act like a soft cushion who protects organization against any harsh situation. It is difficult to inculcate a true leadership in the team in a day, it’s a long journey and we are glad that each one of us has imbibed it well. At ProtoTech, we encourage, empower, acknowledge and revere that every single employee is a Leader and is an integral part of our Growth Story.
  1. Being Inclusive: Right from what we created for ourselves as Vision, Mission, and Objectives; (including every policy) we have been inclusive of our competitors, partners, customers and employees. This has given us a tremendous thrust to our spirits to celebrate our creations without creating any rivals along the way. It’s like we, as Indians celebrating our victory in a Cricket match and not rejoicing over other’s defeat.
  1. Challenge your Master-Slave Attitude: If we closely observe ourselves, Master-Slave attitude is so deeply inherent in us in all our relations including man-woman, employer-employee, etc. and thus as an employer we have to be really aware of it and avoid ourselves in getting trapped in such an attitude. No country or organization is built great by a single man. It’s always a team work. Leadership / Power is about a role and not about fancy designations or positions.


Author: Kavita Baghel
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