How to visualize and modify house design before it’s built?

January 31, 2017



How to visualize and modify house design before it’s built?

What we do when we want to design/chose our home’s furniture, color, tiles etc?
Visit other’s home, and if like the paint and furniture of their home, order the same. The respective vendors of that material will visit your home to provide the cost estimate and measurements. Then the home will get painted and furnished. This is not the end of story.

What if we don’t like the colors or furniture after fixing it? Opps!!! Same process with wasting of money and time.

Can’t we create a fully virtual system which allows us to paint the home, chose the furniture among various available options and place inside the house virtually and many more.

There are various options which can help us to achieve this. One of those is WebGL.

First get the 3D CAD design CAD design of the home, convert it to WebGL(a html file with javascript) and render it into the browser. Inside WebGL file, we can put camera and the camera can be controlled using mouse and keyboard.

How sample model looks like in browser?
Sample 3D model looks like this. Using mouse and keyboard controls we can walk inside the house and also get 360 angle view.

What we can do with this?
1. Roam inside the house virtually.
2. Chose any part and edit its attributes.

For example, I want to change the color of that wall. Chose the wall, select available colors, experiment with various colors and fix with whichever design you like.

3. Furniture Design
Chose from the available furnitures, place it wherever you want it, resize, move it. Confirm it once we done with our choice.

4. Get the cost estimation with one click
The best part is that we don’t have to visit anywhere. Just done with your choices and submit it. The vendor will browse the model at their place and measure the area and estimate the required materials like amount of color required to paint the wall. Same way the size of sofa set will be easily retrieved. Now vendor can provide the estimate cost and based on that cost we can take decision on placing the order or change some scheme to adjust the cost.

5. Using VR(Virtual Reality) we can even experience the realistic view of home.
And all these can be done with one computer at your own place. It can turn to be huge time saver. This is only example of home but the same concept can be implemented in many areas.

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