Why will you use ProtoTech’s ‘PARASOLID Exporter for Fusion 360’?

July 7, 2021


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Why will you use ProtoTech’s ‘PARASOLID Exporter for Fusion 360’?

What exactly is PARASOLID?

Parasolid file format is native for the Parasolid geometry kernel. IIt is widely used in a variety of applications such as SolidWorks, SolidEdge, NX, Ansys, and others.

A Parasolid Model Part file has the X_T file extension. They’re also known as Modeller Transmit files. It contains 3D model data such as geometry, topology, and color. X_T files are designed as a standard export format for sharing Parasolid CAD models.

Potential benefits of PARASOLID Exporter for Fusion 360 Plugin:
PARASOLID Exporter for Autodesk® Fusion is CAD translation software which allows users to export Fusion models into a PARASOLID file, on the local system. 


Fig. 1 Exported Model with PARASOLID Exporter for Fusion 360


  • Easy User Interface:
    The user-friendly interface of ProtoTech’s PARASOLID Exporter for Fusion 360 is a very efficiently designed GUI that takes into consideration the user’s workflow.


                            Fig 2 PARASOLID Exporter plugin User interface

  • Color export:

              Using which users can export colors present in Fusion models to a PARASOLID file.             


Fig 3.Color is exported to PARASOLID file

  • Text and Binary-based format:

       ProtoTech’s exporter supports export of files in text-base format like X_T and binary-base format like X_B.  

  • Assembly instancing option:

Supports different options for assembly instancing like:

  • Preserve Assembly Instancing
  • No Assembly Instancing (do not remove long names from assembly) 
  • No Assembly Instancing (remove long names from assembly)


                Fig 4 Assembly Instancing options available in ProtoTech’s PARASOLID Exporter

  • Versions Compatibility:

       Supports writing PARASOLID file version from V10.0 to V31.0                                       



                     Fig 5. PARASOLID Export version  from V10.0 to V31.0

Please download ‘ProtoTech’s PARASOLID Exporter for Fusion 360’ from the following link-

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